For floor tile removal Sunshine Coast please consider Sunshine Coast skip bags. Our skips take the weight don’t you worry. Please note the photo attached with this post. Here are 2 x 1M3 skip bags full of concrete material, bricks etc, each weighed about 8ookg.

Our skip bags are perfect for floor tile removal Sunshine Coast because there are no time limits, the skip bag is easy to work with and fill, plus you can fill where you want to. Please note we need to be able to get to within 3M of the skip bag to remove it.

How strong are our Skip Bags

Great question, they are “safety rated to hold up to 3Tons. However specific weight limits do apply depending on skip bag size and what the skip bag is being used for. If you wanting to use the skip bag for a heavy material such as concrete please give me a call so I can understand your specific requirements and I can make the best recommendations for your job. Bottom line though, our skip bags can take weight. Please check us out at

Seperate waste

What I mean is to make this as cost effective as possible put concrete material only in the skip bag. If you have other junk place it in a separate bag. The reason is disposal cost, concrete material is cheap to dump so weight is not an issue. If however you have other stuff and concrete material in the same skip this is classified by the tip as mixed rubbish and it costs a lot more to dump.

This is why I say please call me to discuss your job before you start work.

Sercice Area

I cover all of the Sunshine Coast, and have been in business since 2009. I am reliable and careful. Support local businesses.