Queensland Government waste tax.

yet again we are lied to, this time regarding the Queensland Government waste tax, which will come in to being in Q1 2019.

back in about September 2017 the Minister concerned Steven Miles categorically ruled out any levy/tax. Stating even if such a tax was recommended it would not be implimented. What a bald faced lie, if you wanted proof politicians say anything when in election mode this is a good one. This tax will affect prices to consumers. Say no to the Queensland Government waste tax. DO NOT vote for such people who so easily lie to you and so openly.

Queensland Government waste tax/levy.

It was announced in late March this year that the State Government would introduce a state wide levy to address large scale dumping.
This dumping occurs in known dump sites. I believe that if the Government was seriously concerned about this issue. It would target the sites/businesses concerned and not clobber all with an across the board levy.
Interstate dumping should be dealt with and stopped if possible. My belief is that this levy is revenue raising in the form of a new tax on Queensland consumers. Disguised as a solution to an isolated problem. Our skip bag prices and products can be found here.

I sent an email to the Minster on 21 March (see below).

Dear Minister,

As the owner operator of a small skip bag company on the Sunshine Coast www.sunshinecoastskipbags.com.au

I am very concerned about the possibility of a waste levy impacting my business. My customers are domestic, people moving house. Having a general clean up, undertaking a small renovation, etc. These people like most these days do not have a trailer, or access to one, so must use a service like ours. We use a very small truck one requiring a car license to drive to collect these skip bags. In most cases our loads are 500kg or less.


As I understand it the issue that sparked this review was the large scale dumping of waste primarily in the Ipswich area. By large semi trucks mainly, the bulk from NSW. I believe some also travel from other parts of SE Queensland as well to utilize the ridiculously low prices charged by the operators of these particular tips.

Is it not possible to target these specific tip sites, and large trucks dumping the waste as opposed to a State wide levy? As a small locally owned business any levy we would incur would have to be passed on to the end user customer. It also needs to be mentioned that any increased costs would act as a barrier to some thus increasing illegal dumping.

I would appreciate your reply as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully

Simon Bardsley
M 0418 493 844
E simonjhb1@gmail.com

A copy was also sent to the Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson who replied saying the council is not in favor of this levy nor is the Queensland Local Government Association.

I am not a politically active person, I have never written to a politician, Like most people I am busy making a living, and bringing up a family. I am however really tired of being mislead and blatantly lied to by politicians of all stripes and all levels of Government.
Please feel free to share this as you wish. Please also feel free to contact the Minister concerned, she is:

Hon Leanne Enoch MP. environment@ministerial.qld.gov.au

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Simon Bardsley.






Queensland Government waste tax