Moving to the Sunshine Coast

Lucky you, this is a great place to live, to raise a family, to retire to just enjoy. But Moving to the Sunshine Coast involves a lot, right. One small problem once moved is what to do with the junk you have. Boxes, wrapping, some old stuff you just don’t want anymore. Please consider Sunshine Coast Skip Bags.

Time is precious

We hear you which is why with us there are NO time limits you keep the skip bag as long as you need it. Better still you only pay when it is removed not up front like most skip providers require.

Sunshine Coast skip bags also take the same rubbish as a traditional metal bin. That’s right anything you can think of (so long as it is not hazardous) you can put in our skip bag.

Neighbours throwing their junk in your skip at night

With Sunshine Coast skip bags this is not a problem anymore that’s because unlike a heavy metal skip bin being delivered by a large truck our skip is all folded up. You fill our skip on your property where you want it even under a carport or in a garage. We just need to get to within 3 M of the skip to remove it. These skips are no light weight either, they are “safety” rated to hold up to 3 TONS (specific weight limits do apply depending on size)

For all skip bin Sunshine Coast call Sunshine Coast skip bags we cover all of the Sunshine Coast. For Rubbish removal Sunshine Coast, call Sunshine Coast skip bags, so easy to use, and super strong, unbreakable

Trusted skip business

Established in 2009, we offer a very cost-effective, user-friendly skip service. Our skip bag service is reliable, punctual and here to help so don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements, we won’t pressure you into using us but are happy to offer suggestions. For example in my experience most people overestimate the size of skip they need, I know this because I remove them.

Please call us anytime to have all your questions answered. Promise you will love the product and the service, and yes our skip bags really are that good. You can also check us out on Facebook Or our website


Support Local

Buy local support local, we are based in Kawana.



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Moving to the Sunshine Coast

It is a great place, we have lived here for 15 years now, it is fantastic especially if you like sunny days and mild winters.

moving to the Sunshine Coast