skip bags really work

You have rubbish to get rid of, how do you do this in a cost effective, easy way?Skip bags really work, they do. They take the same junk as a metal bin, no time limits, and easier to work with so why not gives a go, or at least give us a call to find out more. I promise you we do what we say, and yes we even take really heavy stuff like concrete, glass, steel, you name it.

Best of all you fill it where you want not where the truck drops it as is the case with a metal skip bin. Our skip bags are removed by a purpose built very small truck with a crane. We can remove from most locations on your property, even inside a garage, just call us and we can advise where you can place it if you wish. Basically most places so long as I can get within 3M of the bag.

Feel free to view our website where you find lots of information including testimonials from actual customers.

Skip bags really work

Moving house, spring clean, renovation, garden spruce up, moving elderly relative from home, moving elderly relative from retirement village.

With  no time limits you can take your time, keep the skip bag for as long as you need it and only pay for removal when you want it removed. Various sizes 1M3, 2M3 and 3M3, we can accomodate most requirements. We service all of the Sunshine Coast. Locally owned and operated since 2009.


I understand people are a little reluctant to consider something called “bag” I would be to. I have now been in business for more than 8 years now please feel free to call me to discuss your requirements. No pressure to buy, just your questions answered by the owner operator.




 skip bags really work