Rubbish removal Sunshine Coast

If you need rubbish removal Sunshine Coast. We can assist you. We have a small 6 wheel truck which is able to hold up to about 6 cubic metres,(that is a lot) Our truck also had a small crane attached.  This makes it easy to move heavy and or large items as well. We cover all of the Sunshine Coast.

We also offer skip bags as well, thats right a bag. But no ordinary bag a super strong safety rated to 3 Tons bag that works just like a metal bin. I appreciate that may be a little hard to get your head around but go with me.

These bags are designed to do the same job as a bin, they take the same junk without exception. We, and I guarantee they will do the job. I have been selling them for 10 years now and have thousands of satisfied customers. Please feel free to review some customer comments on my website and on Facebook.

So these skips are ideal for that reno, that spring clean , that garden prune you name it, our skip bags take it. Better still with us there are no time limits as to how long you use the skip for. You can fill it where you want to as we use a very small truck with a crane to remove them. You can even fill under a carport or in a garage.

Sizes to suit

Our skips come in three convenient sizes, 1M3, 2M3 and the most popular and most cost effective 3M3. Our skip bags come folded up in an easy carry home format. Simply open and fold the corners down 50% this will allow the skip to stop open and upright so you can start to fill.

I appreciate this is a new concept to many and the work “bag” congers up thought s of a flimsy shopping bag. However our skips really are what we say they. Super strong take anything TRUE alternative to a metal bin. But our skips are easier to work with and fill, cheaper and no time limits.

Please feel free to view our website or call us to have all your questions answered without any pressure to buy. My number is 0418 493 844. If you have on item to go, a couch a bed a fridge etc, or a whole heap to got rid of we have you covered. 

Please check us out online