Need rubbish removed from your home, job site or renovation? Call Sunshine Coast Skip Bags today.

Skip bags are unbreakable!

Safety rated to hold up to 3 TONS*, our skip bags hold EVERYTHING a skip bin can hold – and they are cheaper and more convenient. Concrete, metal, timber, green waste, household rubbish, building materials and much, much more – you name it, our skip bags can take it away!

The bags are made of woven polypropylene so they cannot tear. This material also allows water to drain, so your skip bag will not fill up with water if it rains – unlike the steel skip bin.

*Specific weight limits apply for each bag size, 1M3/200kg, 2M3/400kg, 3M3/600kg. If you are disposing of heavy material such as concrete, soil etc please call us so we can recommend the right bag for your needs.

Cheap rubbish removal

Skip bags are much cheaper too! You no longer have to pay hefty hire fees, like when you use a skip bin. Simply purchase your skip bag and take as long as you need to fill your skip bag. And when it’s full, give Steve a call and he’ll come and take it away. No fuss, very affordable rubbish removal, anywhere on the Sunshine Coast or surrounds.

Great for hard to get at places

Skip bags can easily fit into tight spots, inside pool enclosures, even in your garage. This means you can place your skip bag exactly where you need it, saving you time and work.

Call Sunshine Coast Skip Bags

When your bag is full, Call Steve on 0418 493 844 and he’ll be straight over to collect it.

Please note that Sunshine Coast Skip Bags picks up from certain postcodes at standard pickup prices.

Pickup Prices and Details


  • Saves you money: There are no hire charges – take as long as you like to fill it, a week, a month, or even a year.
  • Saves you work: You can place the empty bag exactly where you need it in your yard or even in your garage, saving you the effort of carting rubbish around.
  • Saves you fuss: Skip bags are easy to remove from tight spots, like from behind fences, as we use a small truck with a crane to remove the skip bag.
  • Saves you time: When your bag is full, Call Steve on 0418 493 844 and he’ll be straight over to collect it. It’s that simple!


  • No rental fees like traditional skip bins
  • Fill in your own time
  • Comes in 3 sizes – don’t pay for space you don’t need
  • Carry home convenience
  • Easy wheelbarrow access
  • Purchase from local retailers or order online
  • Takes many waste types
  • Recyclable bag
  • Guaranteed unbreakable
Sunshine Coast Skip Bags beat the competition (skip bins) hands down on price, delivered within an hour of ordering and picked up with 30 mins of notification. Fast, efficient and friendly! Highly recommend and will definitely use again
Guy, Meridan Plains, Sunshine Coast
“Appreciate your great service and great product. Rowlo are very happy with the way Aussie Skip Bags are working for the company.
Wish I had a share in the company!!!”
Josh Gallagher, Rowlo Constructions

Skip bags are a great alternative to traditional skip bins. Skip Bags hold EVERYTHING skip bins do, without exception. If you are planning a garden clean-up, a spring clean, moving house or renovating, a skip bag is perfect. And you can store it until you are ready to start filling it.

These bags are SUPER tough – you will not break them. They are designed to be used on your property close to where the action is (skips placed outside your property are subject to council bylaws which can mean hefty fines). Close proximity also means less work for you moving your rubbish and it also makes them neighbour-proof.

When you’re ready, the bag is removed by our trained operators, in a small truck using a crane which has a 3M reach. We can even lift from behind fences, or pull the bag out of your garage. And they won’t fill up water if it rains, or create a rusty stain on your paving.

We have been in business on the Sunshine Coast since 2009. As part of Aussie Skip Bags, we have thousands of very satisfied customers, so why not give us a go, we are the smarter, more user-friendly and cost-effective alternative rubbish disposal system. And we are eco-friendly!

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


Purchase your skip bag, The Joey (1M³), The Flyer (2M³) or The Boomer (3M³) online or from Mitre 10 stores and over 12 outlets near you. Call Steve and he will let you know where you your nearest supplier is located or he can drop a bag at your door.



Fill your bag – remember, you can take as long as you like.


When it’s full, call Steve to organise a pickup and he’ll be over to collect it. You only pay for collection on the day. That’s it! Fast, affordable, convenient rubbish removal. Every time!