Our rubbish removal system is easy. To see it in action, check out our video.

Firstly, choose and pay for the skip bag size you need. Why pay for space you don’t require? We can deliver you a bag or can pick one up from Bunnings, and a number of other retail outlets. Please call 0418 493 844 for one close to you.

Take all the time you want to fill it. As there are no hire fees, like there are with a skip bin, you can take as much time as you need – great for spring cleans, de-cluttering and house renovations.

Then, when you want the bag removed, call Sunshine Coast Skip Bags and we’ll come and collect it. You pay for the removal at that point – not before.

Appreciate your great service and great product. Wish I had a share in the company!!!
Josh Gallagher, Rowlo Constructions






*For the following postcodes: 4551, 4553,4554, 4555, 4556, 4557, 4558, 4559, 4560, 4564, 4566, 4567, 4572, 4573, 4575

For prices in other areas please call us.
Prices subject to change.

Prices inclusive of GST, collection and disposal.
When possible we recycle.



One of our regular customers owns a white goods repair business in Warana on the Sunshine Coast. Initially, they were concerned about whether our skip bags could safely hold old fridges, washing machines, stoves, dryers and more.

Of course, our skip bags are safety rated to hold 3 tons. They are fully guaranteed to be able to hold EVERYTHING a skip bin can. And so we reassured the client: Yes, our skip bags can hold all of the white goods you need to dispose of.

The business ordered their first 3m3 skip bag. As they are in the repair business, they only dispose of products that are not fixable. This means they have no idea how long it will take to fill a bag. They were tired of paying out expensive hire fees for a skip bin, so our product was perfect for them.

Plus, they were really happy to know that the white goods would not be emptied into landfill but would be recycled. Where possible, we at Sunshine Coast Skip Bags, recycle. In the case of these old electrical goods, nearly all of the material can be recycled. Every bit counts, right?

For our clients using skip bags has all the benefits and no downsides – cheaper, easier and eco-friendly.


Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently
asked questions and then send us a message.

Anything, the same rubbish you would put in a metal skip bin you can put in our skip bags including timber, metal, glass, tiles/bricks, concrete, green, electrical, white goods, TV, furniture, you name it, we can take it.
No Liquid waste, liquid paint, asbestos, tyres & batteries from vehicles, poisons, oils, toxic waste, chemicals, medical waste, gas bottles, hazardous waste, food waste and E-waste.
As long as you need it, you only pay for the removal when you want it removed.
These bags is super strong, for example the 3M³ size is NATA certified to hold over 3 TONS, the bags are made of woven Polypropylene so it cannot tear, it will also allow water to drain so it will not fill up with water if it rains.
We may refuse to pick up a Skip Bag that is overweight. If you have any questions or concerns about weight please call Steve to discuss. Weight is usually only ever an issue if you are wanting to dispose of heavy material such as dirt or concrete/tiles. If you are needing a bag for these types of materials I would suggest you call to discuss so we can recommend the right bag for your purpose, Thank you.

The Joey / 1m3 MAX. LOAD 200 kgs
The Flyer / 2m3 MAX. LOAD 400 kgs
The Boomer / 3m3 MAX. LOAD 500 kgs
You can put it nearly anywhere you want as we use a small truck with a crane to remove the bag.  The skip bag is designed to be used on your property near where the rubbish is for your convenience.