For all your green waste removal Sunshine Coast call Simon at Sunshine Coast skip bags. our skips are great for all green. The skip bags are nice and long, 2M in fact which is great for palm fronds, plus they are super strong and will take any garden waste you can think of, yes anything. Better still there are NO time limits so for garden waste removal Sunshine Coast be sure to call us, or check us out online

What about soil removal

We can do that too, just bear in mind the weight, soil is very heavy, a full 1M3 skip bag for example will weigh about 700kg. I prefer if you call me to discuss what you need to remove, and site access etc and I will advise you of the best and most economic options. Our skips are great for this though as you can even wheel arrow into the skip. Much easier than trying to get the soil into a skip bin.

As we use a small 6 wheel truck with a crane access is never an issue for us, and being a light truck we don’t cause damage.

What about concrete removal

We can do this as well, due to its weight please use 1M3 bags only. For example a full 1M3 bag will weigh anything between 6/900kg. When we say concrete we mean concrete and like. This means bricks, and floor tiles as well are classed as concrete material.

With our skip bags there are no time limits, use them as long as you need them. And we remove with a small 6 wheel truck using a crane.

This picture shows it really well, bags are full of bricks, and are very heavy, about 800kg each. You can see our skip bags are really strong.