Moving house, spring clean, tidying up the shed up garage, Our skip bags are perfect, take as long as you like to use them, put them where the rubbish is even in a garage or under a carport our trained operators with their 3M reach cranes can easily pull them out. Our bags are super tough and take all types of rubbish (excl hazardous) electrical, furniture, white goods, TV’s you name it our bags can take them. Check out our video to see how well they perform.

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I had an enquiry from a sceptical customer who had not used skip bags before, they were moving house so had lots of rubbish to remove. After explaining how easy skip bags are to use and that they take any types of rubbish, with no time limits, and you can put the skip bag near where your rubbish is the customer purchased a skip bag from Bunnings Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

The customer called me about a week later to say the skip bag was ready to go, on arriving to remove the 3M3 skip bag I noticed the skip bag was behind a 1.6M wall, luckily as we use a small truck with a crane which has a 3M  reach I was able to lift the bag over the wall. This customer was very impressed with how the skip bag worked, that it took all types of rubbish, was very strong and very user friendly. It turned out this customer owned a building company, they now use our skip bags on many of their own job sites.

They use 1M3 bags on small renovation jobs and the 2 or 3M3 skip bags on larger jobs, they love the fact they can grab a bag at their local Bunnings store.

They also love the fact they can put the bag near where the rubbish is, even some times in the garage as we can remove with the crane by dragging the bag out, this also makes the bag neighbour proof. Also great if access is difficult as we use a small truck to remove the skip bags.

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