Skip Bag or Skip Bin.

These are the big questions of our time Skip Bag or Skip Bin. Because this is a serious question I will treat it so. Skip Bins are useful if you have a lot of very heavy material, such as concrete. Skip Bags take concrete but there is a limit, about 1Ton is that limit. In reality though in my 10 years of working in the business very few customers have that sort of weight of concrete to remove. Most customers have “general” rubbish, you know household junk, or green waste.


Another big question, skin bins are hired for a few days, usually up to five days. Skip bags have NO time limits. No time pressures if it rains, or the job takes longer than you expected etc.

Ease of use.

Skip bins are delivered by trucks, sometimes large trucks as such they are limited as to where a skip bin can be placed. This is evident by the amount of times anyone of us sees a skip bin on a nature strip. It is placed there because there is no other option, in may cases. But the problem with that is other people can and do put their rubbish into your bin at night, sneaky ha. Also you need a permit, yes the nature strip is not your land it is council land, there can also be liability issues What if someone rides into the skip at night for example and hurts themselves?

Skip Bags are designed to be used on your property. They are removed by a very small truck (not much bigger than a large 4×4) using a crane. Skip bags can even be filled in a garage or under a carport.

Which is more Cost Effective.

Because there are no hire fees with a skip bag how long you use it for does not mater. But with a skip bin you have a set hire period, say 3 or 5 days, if you keep it longer you have to pay additional fees and charges.

The removal/disposal cost of a skip bag is usually less than a comparable skip bin (however prices are subject to change)


At the end of the day the choice is yours, as the operator of Sunshine Coast skip bags all I ask is that you consider us, give me a call to discuss your requirements. There will be no pressure to buy I promise.

Please feel free to Google us and read some of the reviews we have from many different customers. And yes these are real customers.

Rubbish Removal Sunshine Coast.

I am also more than happy to collect a few items, be it a fridge old TV, old bed. I am happy to help after all most people don’t have a trailer these days so how are they expected to get rid of stuff. We cover all of the Sunshine Coast and have been in business since 2009.

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