Bins Sunshine Coast.

Looking for bins Sunshine Coast? have you thought about a skip bag. Please don’t stay no, check us out first before you discount us. Our skip bags are super strong, no time limits, fill where you want to and price competitive. How does that sound for start. Our skip bags will take the same rubbish as a metal skip bin, you you name it. We have sold thousands, over the 12 years we have been in business on the Sunshine Coast. 10’s of thousands in fact

Really a skip bag

Our skip bags are in fact “safety” rated to take up to 3 tons in weight. But please don’t put 3tons in a skip bag as my crane can’t lift that weight. But it shows how strong the bags are right. They won’t rip or tear as they are made from woven Polypropylene. Each bag size has a weight allowance built in to the cost which in 99.9% of cases is ample. In my experience most people over estimate the weight they have put in the skips. To be honest judging weight is hard even I struggle to guess the weight of a full skip bag.


As mentioned unlike a skip bin that you can only keep for a few days you can keep our skip bag for as long as you want. And only pay for the removal when you want it removed. Be it a day, a week, a month, a year. You can also place and fill where you want to as we remove using a small truck with a crane, which has a 3M reach. This means you can place and fill inside a garage for example, or under a carport maybe. Where ever you fill it please keep it on your property. Did you know local laws state you can’t but skips on nature strips or land that is not yours. You can be fined. You are also legally liable if someone injures themselves on your skip that is not on your property. Crazy I know but 100% true.

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