Looking for rubbish skips Sunshine Coast? have you considered a skip bag instead?At Sunshine Coast Skip Bags we offer the perfect alternative to a metal bin. A skip that is super tough, takes the rubbish is cost effective and better still there are no time limits. You use it for as long as you want it and only pay for the removal when you want it removed. Not bad ha.

What rubbish can I put in my skip bag?

Good question, in short anything. Yes anything you would put in a metal skip bin you can also put in our skip bags. I am not kidding or having you on, why would I. Metal, timber, concrete, garden waste, old furniture, old TV/fridge/washing machine etc, you name it.

Skip Bag costs

In most cases we are very comparable, even cheaper in many cases. And remember there are no time limits with us, plus you can fill the skip where you want to. Even in a garage or under a carport is fine because we use a very small truck with a crane to remove.

Rubbish Skips Sunshine Coast

We are local and service all of the Coast, established in 2009 we offer a very prompt service and will work with you if you have any specific requirements around access for example.

Customer reviews

Customer service and customer satisfaction is very important to me, As a small business its actually critically so. We have many reviews on our website, please see link http://www.sunshinecoastskipbags.com.au 

Rubbish disposal costs

As a slight aside, all tips on the Sunshine Coast are council controlled, and to a degree State Government controlled this means there are substantial costs involved these days in rubbish disposal. In part because the State Government have started charging a waste tax at tip sites for all commercial operators. yes another tax, and like all taxes Governments keep increasing them. We also must pay the charges levied by the council as well. So as you can see for commercial operators there are costs involved that not everyone is aware of.

Contact details

Please feel free to call us with any questions you have our number is 0418 493 844. Or you can check out really informative website http://www.sunshinecoastskipbags.com.au